Altrex 4400 Power 5.8m
Altrex 4400 Power 5.8mAltrex 4400 PowerHinge SystemCan move through standard doorsCompact easy storageDouble brake wheelsWind lock security

Altrex 4400 Power 5.8m

Product Description

Altrex 4400-POWER folding / rolling tower is for both interior and exterior work. This compact folding/rolling/mobile tower/scaffold has basic dimension of 0.75 x 1.85m

Products features

  • The platforms can be adjusted to a variety of working levels, allowing work to be carried out at various heights with ease
  • Wooden platforms with anti-slip profile and windlock security system provide extra security
  • Comfortable access, because the rungs are equipped with an anti-slip profile and a rung distance of 28cm
  • Double-brake wheels are 200mm in diameter. Easy to unlock when in use. Adjustable spindle up to 10cm
  • Optional: separately supplied set of collar tubes enables extension to up to 7.8m working height
  • Various adjustable platform heights 1m, 1.8m, 3.5m, 3.8m and 5.8m
  • With Mobile Safety QR code on the platform for access to the assembly and use

For lower height version please see below.

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