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Altrex Aluminium Tower Scaffold Serie 3400 5.8m

Product Description


The Altrex Heavy Duty Folding/Rolling Tower 3400 consists of four modules. The folding tower (module A) can be assembled quickly and easily to a rolling tower with a working height of

3.80 m (module A+B) or

5.80m (module A+B+C) or

7.80 m (module A+B+C+D).

The Folding/Rolling Tower 3400 is suitable for semi-professional as well as professional use. This robust scaffold is very easy to assemble because of the folding unit, light in weight, compact and therefore easy to transport. The size 0.75 x 1.65 m is ideal for interior as well as external use.

The hinge system makes the 3400 easy to fold in and to fold out.

This tower scaffold is available for sale and for rent. Call +65-94767038 to buy or rent now!


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